Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mission Maui Complete!

I am here and it is magic....

No really, MAGIC. I have met more angels in the one week I have been here than the past many years in Los Angeles. There is something here that just seems to bring out the goodness in people. Or maybe they just remember what a traumatic move it is and bend over backwards to help other souls that have made the leap.

That said, at times I feel like a scared little kid that is at sleep away camp for the first time, is God awful homesick, and wants mommy and daddy.

We had a rough crash landing, as the house we rented on Craig's List sight unseen was a dump. This created some manner of havoc you cannot even imagine as we locked up and left the house to search for digs at a hotel where we could regroup and figure out what the hell to do next. Bear in mind, I, in my usual obsessive compulsive way had changed everything to the now rejected house and knew I had some serious damage control to do to re- do everything I had done and find us a home. And don't even get me started at the pain of my doggies being in quarantine for the next 3 months. I have felt so guilty for that. Luckily I can at least visit them and I just keep telling myself it is just a matter of time till they come home and run around the yard that we got them..because.....

Long story short-- after five intense days and nights of some serious panic and freakouts, we found our dream place on the North Shore of Maui just where we wanted to be. Gourgous deck with panoramic views of the ocean and mountains, huge spacious and yes our own coconut trees to boot.

Stepdaughter teen Marisa has discovered her "inner surfer" and cannot leave the water.... I mean seriously 5-6 hours a day boogie boardind the big waves at Paia Bay with the big boys. She is HOME. Mark is pretty blissed out himself.

We can't move into new house for another 9 days so we are at a tropical rental cottage called Bamboo Gate. Today I opened a checking account at the Bank of Hawaii, got a prescription filled at the local pharmacy and it began to dawn on me--I live here now. I live in Maui. It was not a move for the faint of heart and took almost all that I have but I gotta tell ya, from 2, 100 miles out in the ocean from California, the adventure has just begun.

I promise to get my lazy ass to post pictures as soon as we move in. I haven't even begun to explore or even have much chance yet to really soak in the fact that I now live here on this beautiful island, but I will- trust me, I will.

For now, I wanted to at least check in and say Aloha! We have arrived...

Much more later,

and always...

Just Love!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

From Madness to Maui

Okay so I know I kinda suck in that I have been in hiding for many weeks now--


I will fill you in later ( I promise-- just let me settle in a tad) on all the incredible sequence of events ( including the sudden dropping dead of my father) (Sorry for the lack of grace in description there, but as a tyrant, abusive father, I didn't feel the need for a softer gentler description)...

Oh Lordy there is so much to share--Bottom line cause I am still not quite ready to dive quite yet into my usual long winded blogging sphere....

I am moving in 10 days to Maui....To the most beautiful trippy, hippy, artsy, surfer, magical little town called Paia on the north shore of Maui. Husband Mark and Step daughter teen Marisa are in tow and we lift off on April 15.

I am checking into "Hospital Maui" for my everything healing , my 50th birthday present to myself and to Mark ( who just turned that big corner)

To the land of rainbows, and mystical mountains and the next part of our destiny.

To a land where Aloha is said all day and one of it's meanings is Love-- you gotta love a place where "Love" is spoken out loud and inside to each and all, day every day...

So much more to say, to explain, to share, to question, to ponder with you all...

Patrice's big tropical adventure and what that really means

The Islands called--And I am answering.

Aloha..which by the way is the epitome of

Just Love