Sunday, April 5, 2009

From Madness to Maui

Okay so I know I kinda suck in that I have been in hiding for many weeks now--


I will fill you in later ( I promise-- just let me settle in a tad) on all the incredible sequence of events ( including the sudden dropping dead of my father) (Sorry for the lack of grace in description there, but as a tyrant, abusive father, I didn't feel the need for a softer gentler description)...

Oh Lordy there is so much to share--Bottom line cause I am still not quite ready to dive quite yet into my usual long winded blogging sphere....

I am moving in 10 days to Maui....To the most beautiful trippy, hippy, artsy, surfer, magical little town called Paia on the north shore of Maui. Husband Mark and Step daughter teen Marisa are in tow and we lift off on April 15.

I am checking into "Hospital Maui" for my everything healing , my 50th birthday present to myself and to Mark ( who just turned that big corner)

To the land of rainbows, and mystical mountains and the next part of our destiny.

To a land where Aloha is said all day and one of it's meanings is Love-- you gotta love a place where "Love" is spoken out loud and inside to each and all, day every day...

So much more to say, to explain, to share, to question, to ponder with you all...

Patrice's big tropical adventure and what that really means

The Islands called--And I am answering.

Aloha..which by the way is the epitome of

Just Love



Michael said...

Hi Patrice, I, too, feel like I've disappeared from your radar in particular. It's like our life journeys are on two different routes.

I understand about your father's passing. So long as long as he was that much of a tyrant, then keep doing what you're doing to form a conclusion about it.

Just hope you're doing okay, and that all is well with the family. For you, I'll pray for a smooth move to Maui.


lian莲 said...


I waited for yr update and thought that u r busi with moving to Maui. Sorry for all the unexpected events and excitement in Life. Take care and will come back when I see ur new postings.

from Singapore!

TR Hughes said...

Kudos to you for following your path and passion...being awake in your life instead of muddling through and simply allowing acceptance and contentment to rule the day. I hope you find the solace and the inspiration you seek in Hawaii. I just found your site today and I will certainly be keeping up...just added myself as a follower. Best wishes to a searching soul!~

patrice karst said...

Thanks guys-- your comments mean much to me... Lift off is next week-- I can hardly wait!

God Bless you all!

patrice karst said...

Thanks Sweeties,

Your comments mean much to me... Hey TR nice to meet you! Michael and lian good to hear from you.... Lift off is Wednesday-- I can hardly wait.

Aloha for now,


Ed said...

Have a beautiful trip. Read my book on the way :-) I will see you over there - my move will be Sept.

Ed Osworth
Author Unstoppable Joy - A Happier You in 12 Simple Steps