Friday, February 27, 2009

On Moving to Maui

Meandering around Maui and wondering if it makes any sense to move here?

First that question and then this -- the voice within wails out ( and oh I truly do love this part of me) " Who the fuck cares if it makes sense girl?" I mean it's not like "making sense" has ever worked out for me -- I can never quite master that one. And thus, I am thinking that maybe making sense is one way over rated son of a gun who certainly never took the leap over thousands of miles of Pacific to live a life of trade winds, clear warm waters, magic all around and the feeling that even if one is broke as currently ( notice currently) in the case of yours truly-- at least broke in Paradise feels like a grand adventure--- broke in L.A -- face it, feels like--loser!

And sooooo I am on a mad and wonderful campaign across Maui in each of the four directions, feeling the vibes and checking out all nooks and crannies, scenes, dreams and communities to decide just what part of this mysterious and magic Island, I might indeed call home---

Husband and stepdaughter are flying out to join me tomorrow to come and check it out!!!!! I tested the idea to him on the phone when I realized that I really did miss him. And I'll be darned and delighted if he didn't book tickets and is on his way! You gotta love a man that does that! Even though I had come here thinking it might be a good place for me to move to have some separation-- Lo and Behold, I actually find that I want him here with me!

Hey, maybe taking the leap together, to go live the dream, to "act as if", might just be the re-bonding medicine that we need--that or we will kill each other. But I digress...

Being a boat/water dude an all, he will be in his BLISS over here. My 14 year old stepdaughter however is another question. I am just praying that Mother Maui will cast a love spell on Marisa that will create her begging to move here. I plan to work on her and give her the best time ever when she gets here and with God's grace she might make a buddy or two and realize it could be awesome to move here. Bottom line, who is kidding who here? I have my work cut out for me.

It all seems pretty much a no brainer as far as ever other issue. When all else is said and done, and if for some unfortunate reason, if I am not fully rolling in enough dough to sustain myself with all my creative" trying to make it" projects and I gasp have to get a normal work a day job ( maybe a hotel, timeshare, who knows what?) AT LEAST, I will be living my dream and able to chalk another one of those wishes on the list of Patrice's life off. The community by the way that I have always craved seems to be here... there is a camaraderie over here of folks that are a true tribe of beings just grateful to call Maui home. And refuges from the Mainland all with something they wanted to find or to leave and Maui is one heck of a beacon of light- I tell ya! Then again maybe I will be so happy finally escaping from L.A that the Goddess of Prosperity and the Blesser of Book and Movie deals and all manner of Successes will find us here and we can live well and have a few more creature comforts ( like enough money to fly back if we want to!!!)

It is friggen Beautiful here ( no words do justice) It just feels warm and real and Aloha and something about the distance between here and the mainland makes all things seem new again,.... all things seem ...possible.

Is this running away, escaping, pulling a geographical, -- won't I be taking all my issues, burdens, sorrows bla bla bla with me? YES and your point is???? Damn it I need a new adventure and I think I am going to go ahead and give myself that gift. Sell and give away almost everything and bring me, Coco, my laptop, clothes and maybe Mark and Marisa and hop on over.

As I sit here breathing the warmth of hope and looking across the sparkling sea with the palm trees swaying and the green majestic peaks of Maui.... All that comes to mind is one big YES!

Oh and if the economy never recovers and all Hell breaks loose --I gotta say at least there are mangoes and avacados falling off of trees , bananas everywhere and plenty of fish to be caught- We won't go hungry ...

Just Love!



kyllimarjaana said...

Beautiful telling . If I close my eyes all that comes on front of me .
I'm so old that I can give you an advise . Live your dreams when is the time . . . For me it's too late .

Ed Osworth said...

I'm on my way and don't know why either - and I am no spring chicken at 58.

I woke up about 6 weeks ago knowing I was going to Maui to live. And I haven't even visited yet.

Weird? Yes. But that is me at times.

Why Maui? Visions...crazy dreams... unexpected connections and associates moving there....

and the fact that on some level I always knew I would be there...

for 2012...

Ed Osworth

Author of "Unstoppable Joy - A Happier You in 12 Simple Steps"

Small Footprints said...

Oh ... I think you are doing the right thing. Most people get real attached to places and stuff ... and usually miss out on life.

My husband and I have picked up and left ... more than once. Our last move happened because we saw an article in a Vegetarian Times magazine about the 10 most livable towns and ... I fell in love with the description. We packed up and moved ... and fell in love with our new home.

The thing is ... nothing is permanent. If one thing doesn't work ... we can change it. And each change brings marvelous things if we are open to them.

So ... GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I can't wait to hear how this adventure develops!

BTW ... hope you'll be celebrating Earth Hour 2009 ... Maui would be a fantastic place to celebrate it. :)

Small Footprints

Lian said...

Hi Patrice

So sensible, take care of the stomach, and plenty of water around.

Cheers and love your guts!

from essence of loving kindness

Non-imaginary said...

I love how you always finish with "just love" beautiful and basic.

clayton said...

My family is moving there at the end of January. We lived there for 6 years then moved to the mainland for 2. Once you live there and connect with the aina there is no other place in the world you want to live. My wife and I were married there and my daughter was born there. We belong there and if the island accepts you consider yourself lucky and take it all in because the island rejects some. If you love it and are happy there stay there. Get in where you fit in.