Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back with you

Good morning beautiful peeps,

Ah, it is good to be back-- I missed you all way too much and am not leaving again! Such a drama queen I am. Jeez.

The birds are a twirpin' the sun is a shining, spring is on the way and I have a lousy cold. This minor ailment gave me a  highly authentic reason to skip Vinnie's killer yoga class today. I just didn't have the energy to do an hour and a half of high level postures in a room with 80-100 other perfect bodied yogis sweatin' out here in Santa Monica....and soooooo--- I took Coco for a walk instead. Coco, for those of you that don't know is the cutest and I mean CUTEST wiener dog in the world.( see pic a few posts ago) By the way, I truly do live in the coolest neighborhood in L.A ( Venice/Santa Monica)-- Cafes, the beach, hip boutiques, the Venice boardwalk--what's not to love? When I am not in my cup half empty state, I truly can appreciate it, and trust me, for a gal that often swore that there was no friggen' cup, I have come a LONG way!

 FYI There are a lot of things happening on the career front so please keep fingers crossed for me. Let's put it this way, I am either on the verge of a spiritual empire with several new books and some old ones getting republished, script sold, non-profit raising tons of dough, speaking, signing, wining and dining-- OR bankruptcy. No, really! 

Let's all hold the intention for the former shall we? But always with that one caveat that covers EVERYTHING-- Thy will be done. ( I just love that -- it brings me such peace, when I let it) Something bigger than me has my back, and yours!

Uh oh! Sneezing and coughing attack is underway-- so I will sign off until later. I am glad to be back with ya all-- I have decided to keep it simple and just write...No more scrutinizing my every motive, analyzing my every move, pondering my ever intention for this blog.

"For the love of God Patrice," I tell myself, " Just write!"

And of course,

Just Love!



Braja said...

Well that wasn't a long siesta, madam :) Glad you're back so soon :)

patrice karst said...

I know Braja--

I am ridiculous-- I am always saying that I am leaving my blog and then I show up again-- typical addict behaviour! If I say I am leaving again, don't believe me!