Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sky is Falling

My latest fun activity is talking to random strangers on the streets, elevators, banks you name it and and getting their reaction to this one statement that I make, " It sure is getting crazy out there."

This one sentence seems to unleash an avalanche of responses from the moderately mild to the ragingly hysterical. I enjoy being the catalyst to let folks unburden their pent up emotions that somehow seem to be unearthed by my "invitation to let loose" and let loose they do. From politics to global warming, drug addiction to crime, the economy to illegal aliens, to real aliens ( as in the little green men kind) to, well, fill in the blank-- I have rarely met a stranger who does not take my bait and run wild with it.

The overall summarization that I can make of all this is that there is a collective sense out in the world that life as we know it has changed and is continuing to do so at a dizzying pace...

I, for one, am excited about the possibilities, a brotherhood among men will be the natural unfoldment coming out of all of this seeming chaos-- I really believe that. The sky may be falling but the Light is above us all and a new Heaven on Earth just may be under construction. We needed a new foundation and we are getting it. Our new home could be- will be- utterly glorious. Really.

In the meantime, "It sure is getting crazy out there."

Nothing else to do but....

Just Love!



surfrider1111 said...

tweet,tweet chicken little!

Braja said...

That's a good line for using when you step into an elevator. And you face everyone. And you wait for their response... :)))

patrice karst said...

Braja you crack me up---God I wish I lived in your village in India and you and I could shoot the breeze while drinking Chai...I have been known to say crazy stuff to people in elevators just to see what they do!!!