Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole We go.... Adult Indigos, 2012 and the Love Revolution that is Underway

As I continue down-the-rabbit-hole of wonder on this spiritual path that I have been on for almost half a century now, the wonders continue at a breathtaking rate. The world as I knew it has changed and the LOVE revolution is most assuredly underway. 

My mission continues to become tweaked and crystallized for me . What I  offer up now is my truth and experience  as I report in for duty by sharing my personal unfoldment  as I/WE participate in that of Planet Earth's!

I would love for you to join me as we share these unprecedented changes together. As we go through it all -- all of it-- the tests, trials and tribulations, the ecstacys, the agonies.

 And me? A gal ( perhaps similar -- or not!-- to you ) , who has known all her life that there was something so tragically wrong with how this current Earth plane works-- this odd, dense, thick orb I found myself stuck  on. A stranger in a strange land. That remembered a place of such utter magnificance and joy--- so filled with Divinity and warmth-- I have suffered with longing for that home ever since.

It is so weird ( also known as perfect) how things are revealed to you at just the time that you are ready for them, apparantly!  After all these years as a spritual seeker, writer, student....I find out that there is actually a name for my  lifelong ailment and that indeed there are others ( thousands of others- though still a tiny minority! ) all over the world, like me. The Indigo Adults...

I am being guided to start communicating with you now-- more by the use of You Tube videos. I need to get real in only the way that eyes, voice, expression and movement can. Though I love the medium of writing, I am feeling the need to share in a way that words alone can't quite touch. I look forward to having you see me soon.

On my videos-- I will talk more about my discoveries regarding all this-- suffice to say, I finally understand what my spiritual "sadness/depression" has always been about. So many many things finally falling into place. Patrice's cosmic jigsaw puzzle ( if you will) has found some missing pieces. Who knows? Perhaps through my story, I might be of service in helping you find some of yours.

 Of this, I am certain, our mission is being quickened-- 2012 draws closer and  The Great Battle between Light and Dark-- Good and Evil is well underway and reaching a pivitol moment, we reach a cosmic critical mass. 

All of our suffering and homesickness has not been in vain. The trumpet has sounded and we are being called to order.   WE signed on to be here at this crucial time in Humanity's Evolution and to in fact remind each other that it is NOW and that we CAN bring Heaven to Earth. No, really! Really, Really, Really we can! 

 The way is Love.  The way is Truth. If God/Spirit is capable of all things--(And we know He/It is!)-- then it IS not only possible, it is in fact, our destiny.

and way overdue...

more to come, sweet ones.

Let us remember no-thing else....



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