Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jay Leno Waving to me on Sleepy Saturday Afternoon

So there I am returning from being of service today and schlepping Eli's friend Daniel back to his house 45 miles from mine, ( long story- the kid is going through some hellish times-- it was the least I could do) So we are driving back up Topanga Canyon, Eli is asleep in the front seat, I am listening to the classic rock station and trudging my way along, when I spot a well groomed dude in a fine automotive specimen-- a beautiful burnt orange metallic sleek sports car ( I am not good with this kind of thing could have been a Corvette or a Lamborghini for all I know) anyway there we are at the stoplight and I give a weary smile...a smile that says " Hey well groomed dude in a tight car on a Saturday afternoon-- I am a tired mom with a headache, but yeah you look good, so hat's off to ya", When well groomed dude, gives me a huge grin and starts waving at me and lo and behold it's friggen Jay Leno!

So now I have like 12 seconds to make a huge decision-- do I let this moment pass or do I make a frantic appeal to get on his show by yelling out the opened window that I am an amazing spiritual author and tossing him a God Made Easy ? Now, I wish I could tell you that the passionate, spontaneous never let an opportunity go to waste power house- wild woman that I am, threw him the book, got invited for a meeting and history was born, but in those few seconds, I was just so surrendered to the surrealness of the moment, so tired of all the push and promote that seems to be required to sell a few books, and really just so humored by the whole event that I just waved back and then quickly acknowledged this to God.

Dear God,

Thank you for Jay Leno smiling and waving at me today. Since, I was not able to milk the moment so as to create greatness, I would like you to know that if you should see fit for me to finally make it ( as in not broke anymore!) as an author/speaker/teacher etc. (after all the work, body mind and soul that I have put in-- not to mention spreading the good word, oh yeah! and trying to make the world a way better place, and doing  great PR for ya!!! Hint Hint), then the ball ( like the entire universe) is in your court. Your daughter Patrice is currently wiped out.

Love always,


I sent the prayer mail, Jay turned right, Eli slept on and I continued deep through the canyon, home.

Just another day in L.A

Just another two beings that shared a moment.

Just Love,



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Michael said...

I hope God sees you fit. You are someone that I see fit, at least as a student who knows a thing or two about teachers, about mothers, about writers, and who has a mother who teaches and writes.

How is Eli? I often look forward to reading about your time with him since I first came into blogging-contact with you by reading about your son.


Angel said...

How cool is that:) I'm sorry that you were to weary to milk the moment, but hopefully, God will answer your prayer.

artist victoria o'neill said...

hellooo. i love your mantra "divine in 09". Can I use it too?