Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Woke up again today--

Funny how that happens. It is getting so weird to me. Maybe cause I have been here so many years now on the planet (49) that must have something to do with the general malaise this morning. It just all seems so archaic somehow..Wake up -eat- work-play- pay-shower- back to sleep. Yes, Yes, of course there are brilliant, shiny, wonder- filled moments sprinkled in ( thank God!) but seriously- do any of you know what I am talking about?
 It's not that I am not grateful to wake up- it just seems that the time in between each morning seems to be moving faster and faster and before you know it, I'm up again. It's just odd-- Oh and don't even get me started on the whole having to get in a machine to drive get places. It is as if I can remember a time when all I had to do was imagine where I wanted to go and, poof! I was there. 
It's strange to remember a place that cannot be explained. Love was the air. And all were happy. No money worries, health worries, on and on... Just Bliss- really! It is that memory that has fueled my journey through this life. Earth is interesting but not my home. Home is better.


Just Love,


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