Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thoughts on the "Self Help" movement

Sunday morning, September 21, My Desk, Santa Monica, CA, USA, North America, Earth, Milky  Way, Beyond --

Just ate a big bowl of spaghetti and sauce and it's not even 10:00 am. We're off to a great start. Have a miserable cold, Coco won't stop barking, weighed 127 lbs which is 12 too many. I feel frizzy, frumpy and frazzled. Oh and lest I forget my 100k debt from listening to my inner voice and following my bliss and creative calling-- now that worked out well.
And so today as I sit here in all my cynical, miserable and fat glory- I thought that I would share.
Ah, God bless me...the one thing I do always seem to excel at is sharing what the f--k is going on with me at any given time in all it's nitty gritty detail.
So from the horses mouth herself comes some truth from this particular  "self help/new age/teacher/author".  Are you ready?

We have really shitty days too! 

There are a handful of us that are willing and in fact insist upon letting you-- our readers, students, fans, clients and audiences in on all of this. Many of our peers, however don't.
I don't know why-- maybe they fear that if you really knew the truth, that we are just like you --  you might not think we have something valuable to teach-- or that you wouldn't buy our books or come to our seminars... Maybe there just isn't a whole lot of humility out there anymore. 
 Lucky for me, I have tried my best to keep it as "real" as I can, not trying to  be anything other than who I am...I can't screw up- "fall from grace" if I am just "doing me"- right!. 

So just who I am anyway? Well, amongst other things,  just another struggling soul here on Earth that does somehow, amidst- it- all know , believe and see amazing glimpses of what lies beyond the veil of illusion. That is what I am here to share. That as painful and hard as life can be, there is something Wondrous guiding us all Home. On a day like this it is good for me to remember!
But this whole "spiritually correct" thing just irks me sometimes---guess I am just a  mouthy little rebel....My fairy tale hero was the boy who yelled out "But the emperor's Naked!" So  it's a no brainer that I have always had so many challenges as an author/speaker out there in the whole "spiritual fashion' path...There is just so darn much in-authenticity in it. Alot of Elephant in the bloody room and no one be talking!
  Amazingly there are actually a handful of truly enlightened beings alive at this time-- those that have managed ( through  countless lifetimes) to achieve sainthood and lift off beyond the mundane physical reality and maintain that state of bliss utterly and completely even though they are still in a body. I have been blessed to have some close time with some of these masters and be been blown away-- beyond any words can express. 

But the rest of us-the teachers, healers, guides, self-proclaimed gurus, speakers, authors and writers are  just as "screwed up" if- you -will as everyone else-- We are all in the same boat and yes, some of us are indeed great teachers/speakers/ thinkers/artists/promoters/ creatives/visionaries-- Still, I think that it begs to be stated that we are not, I repeat are NOT any more " spiritually advanced than you are!"  And I hope that just knowing this fact might help you actually feel a bit better.
In our less than magnificent days, we scream, we cry, we question, we have body issues, and dramas and traumas, we are bitchy, we have our rage, our vanity and our fears--  we mess up, are painfully immature- we lose faith yet find it again-we are indeed still Human.

What is so absurd and hypocritical in the, "oh so organic" set is that the very message we are supposed to be sharing-- the message of love-- when told from a holier than thou platform, ends up making people feel small, diminished,  often worse about themselves.

Do any of us during our difficult challenges really need one more arrogant, " I -have- all- the answers,- because- I -wrote- a- book- expert-no matter how many weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list", giving us a hard time because we are not loving ourselves unconditionally today?
I don't know about you, but jeez aren't we allowed to have our frumpy, frizzy frazzled day and still be okay? Isn't that Holy too? Doesn't God live in our midst no matter what! Is that Okay with you oh exalted expert that I feel like sh-t today. Can't you just love me anyway??? 
If we are love and loved, then why- oh -why are we constantly being told  by all the "teachers" what we are doing wrong????

That said-- here is my statement of Truth to you -really to us all.

You are Beautiful. In the very middle of  your worst  days, and troubled times of no faith and less joy-- you are Beautiful. You are loved, you are perfect, you are a beloved child of the Creator. Even when you eat crap and don't exercise and are having a "judgemental" moment and act crazy and feel insane- you are Beautiful. Even if nothing has changed and you still haven't had that one "brilliant spiritual breakthrough" that will, " last this time for sure"-- you are Beautiful. Even if you still see the cup half empty , have negative thoughts and haven't yet manifested the abundance that "if only you had done it right" would have surely come to you you are Beautiful... are you letting this in?   You, yes you and me and even" them," the pompous, self righteous , preachers themselves are.......BEAUTIFUL.

And so I call now for a revolution! It is high time that we all cut ourselves some collective slack, ease up, be nice, have fun, do our best, stop posing, start hugging and be REAL.
Now THAT would be worth paying to hear, reading about, being told--Yes?
Patrice here Sunday morning--trying to keep it real for ya....  big group hug!

Later Gator,

just love!


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