Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Most Excellent Day--

Lots of magic today, The universe tossed out a few bones. Apparently some of the noise that I have been making got heard? -- Good Sunday morning bonding with Coco my wiener ( dog!) and a no rush , no hurry breakfast, (yummy homemade half hour real oatmeal with all the trimmings) while reading Holy Cow with a crazy looking picture of Krishna wearing sunglasses on the cover, all about another wild woman chick sister traveling through India -- my kind of book.  so there I am all cozy comfy, in my sleepy cloths munching happily away while watching  riveting news shows complete with all the silly puppet talking heads discussing the bailout plans and the election-- Another blog altogether!
It was just one of those all around "hey life ain't so bad" morning.

Then it got even better-- I had a very hopeful conversation with a super cool and  big player in the world meaning he actually really does know what he is doing in business etc. He got me! He truly seemed to get who I am and what I am  up to and saw the vision that I have for Just Love-- And maybe, just maybe he can find me the investor that could take us to the next level. In the publishing world which is a world full on No's-- a "Maybe" is a beautiful thing-- the necessary stepping stone to the exalted "Yes!"

Then I get a call from my excited husband Mark and 14 year old stepdaughter Marisa who have just left the  parking lot of a Ralphs where they suddenly started seeing twenty dollar bills flying in wind - no kidding, one else around to claim them-- just money floating free ( if that is not a dream come true by God- then I don't know what is-) So they collect five of the magic floating twenties and bring their 100 dollar booty home! A positive sign!!! Money floating- Jeez - That's a universal kiss, some more hope, some faith.

The rest of day continued with a series of auspicious unfolding events. I write an email to a CEO of a big children's books website just to introduce myself and she emails back that she and her little girl are big fans of my kid's book, The Invisible String and will I come and be part of a huge children's book festival next weekend?-- Yes I will, thank you! --) 
I just love it when stuff comes organically like that, wonder-like gifts of gold- instead of the constant hustle- promote- publicize that is so much of an author's life--(that is the one's  that like to eat).

So by now, I'm walking along feeling pretty good ( which quite frankly beats the mood that I have been in recently-- if you follow my blogs, I'm sure you would agree?)and I happen upon a lady in my hood who needs change for her parking meter and all I have is dime to get her through the ten minutes she needed to get more change and she tells me she is on her way to the Sacred Music Festival Finale on Venice Beach. The what?  Oh yeah, The Sacred Music Festival. A very cool event that goes on here in LA every year. I never made it to any of the incredible concerts that were going on all over town the past few weeks, cause I've been in one of my "reclusive writer" phases.

Well, well, well what a culmination of a most excellent day. There I am at sunset on the beach by my home-  with the most love-vibey group of cool cats in every color and get up in the rainbow of humanity right here all around me. Bagpipes and drums, dancers and whirling dervishes, Polynesian story dreamers, Brazilian wild women and Rastafarian's all mixed in with the ever present westerners all decked out in their "use for every spiritual event"chic yogic flowy whites. All of us OMing while throwing flowers as offerings into the sea, while the music played and the dancers twirled and the drummers drummed and the waves crashed and the sun set -- now all thigh deep in the water and incense and sage burning and right as the suns last little glow went below the horizon, a cheer from the thousands of us present roared out like none that I have heard before-- and it was all for peace and love and hope. There was look in peoples eyes that seemed to know just this one thing...  that the Trumpets of Change have sounded and a New Day is coming.

I knew it and so did they.

Oh and "God's little sweet icing on Patrice's good day cake" was this... I check out the countries that are beginning to visit my site since I just launched it-- every day a new country or two shows  up on my cool little tracking system that tells me this kind of stuff and I get downright giddy to see that " my message"  like the traveling gnome is indeed going global. . 
Anyway, India my true -true- true Mother Country! My Beloved India showed up... Somewhere, someone in India tuned in and spent 18 minutes traveling in my little word- the site-- An Om Shanti and big Namaste to that... 
So like I said--it was a very good day--- they deserve equal press--  Heck in my case -they deserve very bit of press they can get.

Maybe I'm on an upswing--  For tonight, I'll go with that...

Just Love,


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