Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ramblings about love

So, a few more ramblings about love…

I am no scientist definitely not an intellectual ( thank God!) I don’t know technically , specifically, how the whole thing works- quantum physics- the field, the vibratory realms, the hundredth monkey effect — whatever–But we don’t need to know how it works— It just does!

 We have been told by all the greatest beings since time began that LOVE can move mountains, and planets and by God they can’t have all been wrong! Right? We have been told in so many different ways that when enough of us humans catch the LOVE wave and carry it on then ….The whole crazy test will be over and we will all PASS. Summer Vacation Forever!!!!! Let’s rally the troops…. We’re not reinventing the wheel…just reminding one another to get it rolling again—and fast! ……like right now….

That is what we are here to do– just love! If we are not living our entire life giving and receiving love as our number one priority– then we are missing the whole point and in fact WASTING our LIFE..and I mean wasting our life!. I don’t mean to be so harsh but Jeez… come on folks …. we know this deep inside —- we've read the books- gone to the seminars—heard it all before..Well… Time to start living it 24/7 and test out the theory… No Gurus, crystals, chants needed ( though they can certainly help ya get in the mood) what you absolutely do need is just one big ready to be used HEART!
As you actually begin to do this –you will start to Experience MAGIC…

You won’t believe the incredible things that will unfold— I mean full on trippy unbelievably cool occurrences—there is something to this love energy.. I tell ya…trust me on this one… are you willing to try? Do you dare to test out the Divine law once and for all. If love is the highest vibration — then let’s plug in big time daily!…. Love can melt the coldest, most wounded, desperate heart what else, I ask you can do that?..
Now here’s the caveat…You gotta really open up your heart and mind cause if you close down either one you will not never be delivered on magic flight outta here. This is the greatest knowledge of knowledge. Open mind—Open Heart = best party in the Universe. You can’t buy your way in- talk your way in- Sneak your way in — one way- one way only You Just Love your way in…

And here is the real clincher if you can even try to imagine—There is indeed a way that we could all transcend this oh so tired three dimensional plane and rocket into the fourth dimension— No money worries, health issues, no suffering at all—This is real people—We just never all collectively pulled it off and the signs are all there that we can create the shift of the ages right into the Golden Age I tell you…. And I am telling you with every cell in my being that if we “get this” this just love thing- really get it and really make an effort at doing it and reminding others…The Great Healing Of Our Planet will happen right before your eyes…

I recently had an incredibly painful situation occur and my heart felt broken open– the big old lump in the throat and the whole deal. I gotta tell you it was not easy to “just love” but after my head and face and throat hurt form crying and contorting. I was so exhausted that there was nothing let to do but lay down. It then that I realized I never again wanted to make myself feel that “sick” with emotion…I started to allow the pain to just sit in my heart and throat without judgement or trying to change it…It took some time and about a thousand face kisses for the my wiener dog Coco but lo and behold! that old magnificent heart started to open again. If you let you heart close down when someone does something awful– you are letting the “bad guys win” DON”T!!

Just Love!!!


gailshow said...

Great stuff, Patrice!
Not so easy, but great. Then "great" seldom is easy. I wish I had learned this more at a younger age, but know that the present is all we truly have and I applaud you. So many have tried to teach us. Now it is time to listen and do.
Gail Showalter

Patrice's Blog said...

Dear Gail,

You are my first comment! I think what you are doing is great...When I wrote The Single Mother's Survival Guide so many years ago- there were hardly any resources for single momma's God Bless you for the help that you are giving them.

Just Love!