Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Wayward Child Returns Home

Still Jet Lagged, Culture Shocked, Freezing Cold Spell, Mid Life Crisis, Christmas ( and all the accompanying triggers therein) Displaced, Confused, Broke, World Gone Crazy, Want to Run Away, Depressed, Exhausted by Life, Homesick, Lonely, Lost, I want a Mommy, Overweight, Beating Myself Up, Marriage a Mess,Un- Motivated, Frizzy, No Makeup( why bother?) and well, need I say more???

And somehow amidst it all I completely forgot that....

The answer to all that ails me is a medicine that comes from only one healer, doctor, pharmacy, hospital...I need an RX from God.

So I am checking myself in with Spirit, the angels, my elder brethren, my guides and teachers, my Source, my Holy Family for a while and I am placing myself in His, Her, Their care entirely...utterly--completely.

The Patient is ready...


Just Love,


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