Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice and the Travel Bug

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone,

Starting tomorrow we get a little more light everyday-- Yes to that!!

I am feeling much better as a result of many inner and outer occurrences...

#1 Eli my seventeen year old son (who I have not seen in 6 months!) has come for a two week visit and once again, I realize he is the same snuggly boy that he has always been in spite of the fact that he never wants to email or talk to me on the phone while away.

#2 My new favorite past -time is researching online various places around the world where I can travel and or/ move to and this gives me pleasures that know, no end. You will no doubt be hearing much much more about this. In fact....

....#3 Mark and I spoke from his latest marina in Huatulco, Mexico and he is on the same page, he too has been bitten by the loveliest yet most persistent travel bug and we absolutely want to find a way to sell up and ship off...

#4 I have signed up to take a training to be a hospice volunteer-- the fact is that I have always wanted to do this. I am fascinated by death and amazed at how taboo a subject it is in our society...death being the absolute inevitably of Life! Because of my absolute conviction that what lies beyond is the friggen most glorious 5 star resort of the cosmos compared to the Earth Plane- I believe that it will be a comfort to the clients that I work with (all be within the last few months of their earthly sojourn) to have me come and hang. I cannot think of a more powerful in the moment honor and opportunity to spend sacred time with someone and I am thrilled to dive in and fulfill this longtime desire of mine. I've been dying to do it. ( bad pun)

#5 I have given myself full permission to spend the next few weeks as much as I can possibly handle simply, surrendering and enjoying- come January I will deal with all the harsh realities of my financial woes, career hurdles, you know all the crap that certainly can take a two week holiday without becoming any more of a catatstophe than they already are ( you might want to re frame that Patrice!)

Nahh--No reframing because, I also am not giving a damn how politically correct my energy is. F--k it! I am what I am in the moment is what I am - Sick of all the damn analyzing how I "supposed to be thinking" all the ding dong day. So know this, whatever I share with you is how I am feeling in the moment and EVERYTHING is subject to change. Alright are we clear on that-- don't want no more lectures, seminars, ways of speaking, affirmations-- sick of them. What I offer is Patrice in all her misery or glory as the case may be. DEAL.

#6 Oh and I am Remembering on a much needed level that GOD is with me all the time-- and that NOTHING ultimately is as important as that connection- No Really- NOTHING. The rest is really all one big drama/illusion/maya/passing show...

So Patrice, signing off, living in the moment, fantasizing about being an expat at this second in Paros, Greece, getting ready to go buy and tree and a menorah with my precious giant( 6' 3") boy, to sip Starbucks cafe mocha and not give a shit about getting the whipped cream too and allowing myself the tiniest yet most important crack of possibilities to remain open for Divine Miracles, (especially including those that have money, abundance, propserity dripping from them) actually coming on in to this very nice, extremely deserving, sure put enough spiritual elbow grease out there, Patrice Karst's Life!

I have been stuggling so long-- please Universe, I just want to play now... especially in some different parts of the world...K???

And as always-- While doing whatever the heck it is that you are all out there doing, there really is just one thing for us to be really up to all day- every day...

Just Love,



Lotus from Asia.... said...

Hi Patrice, great to read you wanted to take up Hospice volunteer work. It is a rewarding and enriching experience. You have a wonderful blog. I like they way you talk about things you see, feel and heard. The sharing is the most important. Cheers

Lotus from Asia.... said...

Thank you for visiting me and the sweet note you left me. I have actually linked you sometime ago and hope you don't mind.

Merry Christmas and a Fruitful 2009!