Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Call of the Sea Witch

Aye--I wish tonight that you might come a dancin' with me...

Think Mist's of Avalon a blowin' through and wild Celtic music playing-- better yet, put some on

In the wee hours of the morn,  I write to you by magic cross candlelight and wild herbs a burning , a smudge of sage and a touch of sandalwood. The mood is set and the time is right.  I want to share with you as it is happening a hauntingly beautiful experience unfolding right before me. I am soaring- being energetically transported back to a time so long, long ago-- 
An alchemical brew as I go deeper and deeper, all the right ingredients coming together in such a way as to invoke a haunting far off memory -- a dream-- a place and a era gone by-- the foghorns of ships that passed in the night once long ago when I was living in England and  just wee and knew nothing of what life would bring--

Yet in that moment way back when, something crystallized that defined me and somehow tonight the coming together of a balmy ocean wind blowing in from sea and the light from the crescent moon across a dark turquoise sky and a bursting open heart from the most absolutely beautiful CD mixture of Celtic Voices and melodies, mystical harmonies -- The Call of the Sea Witch-- all conspiring together to open the portal to places that I haven't seen or felt since that night as young young girl -- 
A place of promise when all possibility danced and playfully sang it's great love song to me that has pulled me always- the life long need to join in the quest for rare love and beauty -- to see behind the magic door--the sheer veil that parts that world from this- a place - a time when the  magic was alive and art was everything and for some reason on that night-  a seeming lifetime ago, the veil parted and I knew for just a short and wondrous while, what it was to be ethereal -- wild and free made of sound and light and gold dust unknown around these lands. It was true and it was real and I sense the excitement tonight of a knowing that it is to be again.

Enough writing now! The Music calls-- My body already undulating, swirling to old  familiar ancient sounds..

This wench must kick up her heels, This witch must dance as she moves  to the Call of the Sea   --- and so I shall--and so maybe shouldn't we all? ---   Dance a jig with us yes?
Come aboard you pirates of the heart. We will pillage for love and pure joy and kick up our heels together-- As it is now and  should have always been...Together again.

Aye we lads and ladies be a twirlin' now! 

Never be too late they say--- This life is for the livin'
Join with me will ya? Join the dance of the ages.

Don't you be a worry'n now--  --The winds of change be a blowing strong across all miles of land and sea--
God's blessings raining down upon us all- of this I am certain.

just love,



Anonymous said...

Bravo Bravo, This cat fairy gypsy girl is clapping her little paws in silly delight. Im going to look up this inspiring music on itunes!Meanwhile Thanks for the inspiring words!!!
Have A Happy Magical Day

patrice karst said...

aye friend--

Next new moon-- I 'll be a lookin for ya and we will dance for the fairies and for all that is good!

Chiranjit said...

good one .....


patrice karst said...

Thanks Chiranjit,

Glad that you liked this...It was way out there but at the moment... I was in Gaelic Joy and Celtic Wonder. That music is so amazing-- I will hope to see more of you until then...

Keep on dancin with us all.