Monday, October 6, 2008

When You Get God On The Line--

There are a lot of calls going out to God right now-- some thoughts on making the most out of your call...

The world is  going cuckoo now--  hang tough my spiritual comrades-- The Light awaits-- In the meantime ---

Why is it that we only seem to call God during a crisis?  God is available and ready to help us and hear us 24/7 and during even times when millions are all calling at one time. ( He is God after all!) He is capable of mass interventions and handling many calls simultaneously...but wouldn’t it be nice to get him during his down times occasionally ( though we aren’t sure He has many of these anymore) my point is that if you want to really develop a deep relationship with your Creator, call on him sometimes when things are peaceful just a quick hello once in a while is a beautiful thing!

When you call God, you don’t necessarily hear back actual words from a human voice ( though it does happen) This is where faith comes in. If we believe that God is there to hear our calls, then we must also believe that somehow He will answer us...In His time frame! Let go...surrender...know that He has heard you and be ready to see the many ways that he might respond. He knows what he is doing and you will get your answers at just the right time and in just the right way. Stay open....

Get to know God before the end....that is after all the whole point of life. Don’t wait till  the whole human gig is up before you make His/Her acquaintance. Think of it this way, if you were going to spend a long long time visiting someone in a far away land, wouldn’t it be nice to know a bit about them and they you first...Makes for a much more intimate and close visit, Not to mention something to really look forward to . 

 If you are going to take the time and energy to traverse the Cosmos and talk to God, it is my humble suggestion that you Listen! Take His/Her words as Gospel ( good pun!) God don’t make mistakes and though you may not always like His answers...The Dude of all dudes knows what He is attention.

The switchboard to God is all lit up be patient- He knows you are on the line.

Oh and say hello for me will ya?

Just Love,

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