Thursday, October 9, 2008

So, This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius???

Well, well, well folks -- Here we go!

Not exactly what I imagined- but how does one ever guess about these things?
What I do know is that the times they be a changing now very fast and aren't going to be a slowing down any time soon.  
Stay tuned in.  I know it's outta- control kind of  scary but —the old way was pretty friggen scary too. I mean really it was a bleak system — greedy, ugly and Wrong.

That said-It is getting pretty-pretty-pretty weird out there--

I swear to God, I heard a guy on CNN or MSNBC - some pundit actually saying that people should be investing in things that they can actually trade between each other when all hell breaks loose, like canned foods, bottles of booze and cartons of cigarettes...WTF
I feel that strange kind of surreal feeling that is really disconcerting... Is all this fear  coming from over- amped media hype or are the seals actually being opened,  the trumpets sounding and the prophesies of all the religions and spiritual paths finally all coming down and coming down like- Right Now?

On one hand, I Patrice  the anarchist- rebel-renegade-way left liberal-down with "the man"- hippy — Time for a Revolution- "Hey I'm broke anyway , so who cares if the whole economy crashes"--I want to  watch the fireworks explode, kinda gal, is doing battle with the "hey, I kinda like my creature comforts and just how bad is this suffering going to be and shit, I was just about to make it and finally have some money and uh -oh I'm freaking out here, and what the hell was I thinking anyway?" voice .This make for some emotional tumbling in Patrice's head-- Some kind of chaos going on in here.

On one hand I know that in order for TRUE MAGIC and ENLIGHTENMENT to occur and transform us, then the bottom does have to fall out-That is just logic -- You don't crave the Light until you have spent enough time in the Darkness. And though I hate to say it, I  just don't quite think it has gotten dark enough for the masses to have that powerful enough a collective shifting of consciousness that could change everything--But let's be real here-- this is going to be tough and I mean tough like you I and I can't even fathom kind of tough.
  And yet, would I be disappointed if somehow tomorrow this whole current financial crisis all gets resolved and  we all go on our merry way - the same old status quo?

The answer is a resounding Yes! It may sound like a terrible thing to say if you don't get where I am coming from.  Of course I don't want doom and destruction- but I do want change- It's just that I want-- REAL CHANGE- HEAVEN ON EARTH AGAIN- kind of change. The old paradigm was hell.  We all know it. The time has finally come for a huge shift. Hold hands. We need to be brave little warriors of the Light- brace ourselves-know that changes of cosmic proportions are being made and we are lucky to be here to witness history as the whole thing unfolds. 
I know that many of  you really get what I am saying and if you were here in my living room tonight, I would give you one big Kumbaya kinda hug-- I can't imagine anyone else  that I would rather do a little choppin' wood and carryin' water with than you.

So let's just go ahead and  think of it as one very big, super cool- and rather odd survival party. where we all live and love together and help each other- brothers and sisters -- that sounds pretty freakin' great to me.  Now in the meantime-- I pledge to and I Invite you to join with me in...

Hanging out with our loved ones a lot- and start loving these said loved ones more than ever.
 ( add in warm fuzziness rolled up with compassion for all of the relatives on Earth that we don't know- too) Let's laugh now more than ever and CUT OURSELVES LOTS OF SLACK. I promote the eating of the most delicious cookies we can get get your hands on, rolling around with the dogs, staying informed -- but to really get the reality check of all reality checks ( the best "news" network there is)  we all really need to head on inside, dial in to Spirit and Listen - Spirit /God will bring us comfort that all the chocolate, sex or good television could never even could come close to ( They sure seem to help though)-  Let's all go on inside our hearts and third eyes and check it out-Really! Then follow what 
you feel guided to do ( Hint, if it something kind and loving) you have been listening to the right channel.

Look, the deal is that  I have no idea what exactly will be happening and how it will unfold-nor does anyone else here on the Earth. Let's do what we can for each other and that might just mean a lot of hand- holding.  We'll just ride this thing out together...I'm will be right here for you-- for real--Stay close-Ok?

Keep your eye on the prize -- The Awakening of Humanity awaits- And it is High time.
 Oh yeah.


Just Love,


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