Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do Get Your Hopes Up!

Sitting on the deck this morning and listening to the chorus of birds, and mind chatter ( the birds by the way sounding so much better)  yet another Patrice pondering occurred and a question popped up. Ah, and then the beauty of a really good revelation. 

First the question-- Why were we always told " Don't get your hopes up.?"-Or one of it's many variations there-of, " don't get too excited, only time will tell, don't get too ahead of yourself!"

The logical answer is that whoever was telling us this ultimately really messed up message didn't want us to be disappointed and upset if said desire did not occur. 

But how ever well meaning this was meant to be, it was and is very bad advise. Following this directive-- you don't get any fun at all! 

Not only now did your dream not happen, but you didn't even get the joy of fantasizing about it happening. That sucks. Hey at the very least, when you have your hopes up-- YOU FEEL GOOD and that is a damn nice place to be.  And please don't even get me started on the fact that by "not getting your hopes up," you send out all kinds of icky universal emanations ( vibrations ) that certainly don't help and actually even hurt your chances of wondrous things happening! All has to do with energy frequencies and magnetizing. Trust me on this one. Feeling good = better chance of good things happening. 
It just works maybe not 100 % but I do know for sure that Keeping dreams DOWN certainly never helped anybody.

This moment of clarity came to me after I had just left a voice mail message for my girlfriend with some potentially very exciting news about my career. I noticed that as I was speaking, I kept defaulting back to the most minimal joy/excitement possible. "Now I don't know for sure- I could be wrong, it may not happen, I might be setting myself up... ." 

 So, as I hung up the phone, I heard that ancient rascal Voice, blasting his same old tune, "Don't get your hopes up!" and I think I had finally had just about enough, so I spoke up to Voice and asked, "Why the f--k not?

There was not one answer Voice could give me that wasn't tired- old school- negative- nasty- same ole' same oles'. Once more, for a short but blissful while, I was able to see through the illusion of the shadow and a glorious peek at possibility...

So in the spirit of this holy moment of clarity, I wonder this....

Brothers and Sisters,

If we could live most of the days of our lives with our hopes way up high--- all day, everyday as much as we possibly could-- well, just imagine how good we would feel and what might actually happen. You know, the hundredth monkey thing...

So during this amazing and historic week when there is that pulsation of maybe--just maybe...anything is possible--

I hereby give us all an invitation, blessing, permission. I call for a revolution! Let us all 
 Get Our Hopes Up! About anything and everything. Our dreams, wishes, deepest desires. Make our hope list and fill them in.  Then, (and enjoying every delicious moment of this next part)

 We get 'em up,  we get all them hopes up. Hope filled helium balloons that lift us higher and higher. Taking  us with them, taking us soaring....

Just Love,



MilesPerHour said...

Nothing wrong with hope. Hope is good. Expectations can take us down when they aren't met. But Hope...

E. Michelle said...

Once you start believing, there is nothing you cannot have or do. Once you start to believe blessings start pouring down like rain. Isn't life awesome?

Have a great day!

E. Michelle