Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My "Vibration" and my Country- Ready for Change!

A very quick post ( for me!) on a very big subject.
 "written on election day - USA- early afternoon- no results yet soooooo....fingers crossed and then some!"
How's this for a lesson? Yet another!

I noticed that after my last few posts. Google's ads on my blog page were now for anti-depressant medications. You think that didn't get my attention?

 My vibration has been in dire need of an overhaul-- a serious makeover. The intense, always- in -some- kind -of -serious- angst- artist that is me has decided once and for all that happiness just might be worth exploring.
It finally hit me--  all my life, I have been a thrashing salmon swimming upstream--It's a wonder that ever got anywhere. I just need to start flowing downstream, be happy, go with the flow, stop fighting and "allow" all the treasures of the Universe to be mine!

This revelation comes on the heels of yet another "prosperity/abundance" book that I have been diving into lately.  The wonderful Abraham teachings as channeled through Esther Hicks!
And I'll be darned if it doesn't suddenly all make sense! Maybe the teacher came because the student was finally ready!

That said, I pledge happier, shiny posts showing you all my new energy vibration. Because I am going to give it a go-- by God!
Just because I have always had my "default switch" permanently set to worst case scenario. Does not mean that same switch can't also be flicked up to ain't life grand! And I think I am just the gal to do it!

This amazing shift in vibration can apparantly can all be done without me even having to dig through the muck of the past, or my bio chemical composition, my karmic debts, my current financial situation, or any of the other crap that I have ever let myself keep me from soaring into the Patrice kingdom of riches. In other words, no more excuses-- it is now or never.

 This stuff either is true or it is not. And since all the masters agree-- and for God's sake I know this- Why have I been such a difficult case???

Maybe I needed to do it this way, so that I could report back that yes it can be done. We really can-( even the toughest nuts to crack!) find our way back to Heaven. Even while still on Earth.
Since suicide has never been an option and there is whole lot of wondrous stuff to still explore, give, have, see, do and love... 

Patrice has decided that it is time to tell the negative voices to shut the f--k up! Read my own books, take my own deepest truths,  go where I know I need to go and that is-- to the same place where  the answers have always been.  I just need to remember to go hang out with Source/God /The Light. All day- every day. Period! The End. 

It is way overdue and I have finally suffered enough. Just like the USA.  Wow all this on Election day -- a historic day when collectively all over the world- we are seeing the beginning of because we were so ready for CHANGE!
 Hey, If the country can rally and  change in such a spectacular way- after the nightmare of the past few years---- well, so can I!

I will be continuing to keep you abreast of my new sparkly being and how that's working out for me. Wish me luck. 

 A toast now, with a goblet overflowing with loveliness, joy, peace and inlaid with gemstones of every color. To us one and all finding our way back HOME.

Post blog- Obama has it!  Tis' a good day for change! Oh yes we can...
Well Done America!
Just Love!


Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWs On EVERY POINT, Your Vibes & The Election

patrice karst said...

Thanks Katgirl,

A new day has come!


fd said...

I like the way you think


Kaylen said...

I think sometimes all it really is IS a switch in the way we see things--sometimes I think how great life is BUT I still think of worst case scenarios....I just don't assume they are going to happen. I think of them and how I would respond, but I don't BELIEVE they will happen.
But if they do-I'm ready, cause I've already thought about it! :)

Anonymous said...

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Thanks ..