Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Love!

Love, Love, Love…all you need is Love, Love. Love is all you need!

I believe that the planet is now at a critical time in it's evolution. We will either transcend this oh so tired reality and glide into the fourth dimension where the fun really begins--OR we say bye- bye and give it another try in another time and place. I think that the time is Now to tell as many as possible that Love is really the only thing will save us...

Maybe the Divine-- God -- the Light-- the Source just needs to see that we want it badly enough, that enough of us have had our fill of these dark ages and the greed that creates chasms where many all over the world are so hungry that they don’t live through the night while others live in mansions with organic Whole Foods abundantly crammed in their fridges!

Come on, haven’t we all just really had enough???

So this is it gang-- the chance to change the whole course of action here-- let’s bring “ Heaven to Earth” Cause quite frankly, Hell is where we’ve been... all together now let’s just accept that yes, we are different religions, races, walks of life and we won’t always agree-- But we can still come together and rapture out/transcend (what ever you want to call your own private escape from the darkness)... Just what if enough of us one by one or two by two got out into the world and did our daily lives but with a deep awareness of keeping our hearts stretched wide open all day –every day?

We are the gatekeepers--- of the guests that arrive at our doors.... The negative voices, anger, jealousy, greed and pain are unwelcome guests and we need to realize that we cannot let them in at all ...They are cunning and baffling little rascals, them.

To indulge in the negative is to be disloyal to the Light--- If we have been given the gift of awakening, then we are spitting at that gift if we let ourselves go unconscious, back to sleep again...

The way out of the negative is not to fight or to even be neutral, the way out is to stay in a state of devotion and bliss as much as possible...When ever we are not in that state—we need to get there because that is our protection our essence other words...Stay Awake! We cannot afford the price tag of constant pain. Trust me on this one- I have the battle scars to prove it.

That said, all we have to do is to Just Love! The rest my dear Earth family, just might be the happy ending... I mean Beginning for human kind... I for one am just so, so, so ready for a change, Are You???

Let’s just do it together. It will be fun, it is simple - easy to do and FREE. And Oh Man, when we see what starts to happen it is going to rock our world......We have all heard for oh so long about the power of love-- Time to take it up a notch and see what we can really do!

Just Love!



MilesPerHour said...

Count me in Patrice.

Michael said...

You've been tagged!
Check it out here:

I believe a lot in what you said in this post. Concerning humankind, I believe:

1. We all have the capacity to bond with other people.
2. We all can do it exceptionally well.
3. We all are capable of finding someone.


patrice karst said...

thanks guys...

Let's start a love train that never stops!

Anonymous said...

Yippeee, Very true & uplifting! Purrrr

Julieanne Paige said...
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