Monday, November 3, 2008

The Irony and the Om Ring That Came Back to Me.

I have a  little miracle story to share with you all-- that once more showed me that the Universe is Alive and Well and quite the rascal messenger!

 Okay so here's the set up for the story...

For many  years I was  the "spirituality" group leader at a number of the "celebrity rehabs" in Malibu, ( drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, mental disorders- you name it) An important part of my groups and individual sessions was guiding the clients on meditation voyages deep into their own sacred space within, soaring through the cosmos and everywhere in between.

I worked with Top athletes, Celebrities, CEO's of huge companies, Royalty, Trust Fund Babies and Trophy Wives. People spending upwards of 50k a month to be in treatment. Though abundant in material wealth, these folks were in  many cases utterly spiritually bankrupt. ( I on the other hand spiritually wealthy and financially broke!) Oh the irony of life sometimes is just too much!!

Any way these were temporarily broken spirits in need of healing. Their experiences in my meditations was stunning. They were having amazing visions, waves of bliss, many for the first time in their lives were understanding what a connection to Source/Spirit/God was really all about. I'm telling you that even some of the ones with the most cynical, empty, hurting, unwilling personalities were going on journeys with me that all their money and substances of choice never could. Let's put it this way --private jets can take you around the world- on of my meditations--the Universe!

So over the years many of the clients had asked me for CD's so that they could "take me with them" so to speak. That they could have some of the same wondrous experiences when they returned to their homes. In the hopes that one day I might get it together and actually record a line of meditation CD's ( which by the way,  I am finally doing!) Anyway,  I would sometimes remember to get some of their emails. Not many just a a few dozen or so.

Alright now--

I bring this all  up so that you understand that when I sent out a little one page email blast to these few emails asking for some financial support for my newly launched non-profit organization the Just Love Project and so that I could go into the studio and record these Cd's and keep this whole thing afloat-- that maybe someone might actually cough up some dough. 

So many times I was told by these clients," Patrice, you have changed my life!" So I really didn't think that it was inappropriate and it was for a good cause -after all to ask them if they would like to change someone else's. Starting with mine!

I sat there eagerly staring at the computer for the next week or so waiting to see what might unfold, sadly all I seemed to get back were automated responses saying that the email addresses I had sent to were no longer valid, one slap on the wrist from one of the old rehabs therapists saying it was wrong to be soliciting old clients-  oops-whatever! 

Let's put it this way. The response was underwhelming. 

UNTIL, I got my first ever email from the exalted web Fairy God Mother of the Universe PAY PAL  telling me that a payment had been made to my account.

Now this is where it all gets very curious indeed.

Along with this donation came a personal email. It was from a wonderful woman who shall remain  nameless , telling me that she had no idea how she had ended up on my email list of rehab clients ( I had started the letter explaining that I used to run the spirituality groups at the treatment centers in Malibu that "you" went to) but that she had received one of these emails. To this day, I have absolutely  no idea how she possibly ever ended up on the list either-- but get this!!!

 Nameless lady tells me that the reason she had donated to my cause was because of a ring I had given her years before. What? And then I remembered. Trust me, when I tell you that I got chills and goosebumps over every inch of my body and the angels sang.

Here is what had happened.

 One day, many many years before,   I had gone into a little herbal/ holistic product store to buy some sage. The gal that worked their seemed enthralled with my silver OM ring. We chatted about it, I said thanks and drove off. For days, God kept telling me to go back to the store and give her the ring.

I usually try to listen to what God tells me ( when I can shut up enough to hear Him/Her) so I did as told. I went back to the store, found the gal and told her that the ring was now hers and dropped it in her palm. Needless to say she was quite taken with this gesture. It really was no big deal to me- I liked the ring,  but I wasn't that attached to it and anyway it was  fun to see her so happy being given this unexpected gift. I had forgotten all about it, had never given it another thought until this night, now so many years later, reading her email.

She said that she had never forgotten what happened that day and that I had literally taken the ring off of my own hand to give to her.

So anyway she suddenly out of the blue gets this email from me ( she recognized my name) and sent me my one and only donation. The Universe brought her this unusual opportunity to thank me. She was able to give back.

As an aside, her response was the only one that I received. Hmmmnnnn.

 To me, It was a sweet and powerful reminder that we are all linked in ways so amazing and that acts of kindness ( even cheap little silver OM rings) come back to us to let us know once again that the wonders of the Universe are well, Wonderful!!

Oh, and do feel free to send donations!

Just Love!


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